Collection: Cult Of Individuality

Since 2009, Cult of Individuality has forged a reputation as the Jeansmith to the One. The misfit, the dreamer, the trail blazer, the contrarian and the upstart. Each a Cult of their own.

At Cult of Individuality, our designers feed off the passions of them all – their inspiration helps to fuel a new vision for an otherwise universal fabric. We use denim as the canvas for personal style, for exploration and expression. We craft new takes on the classics, using old methods mixed with new, producing fresh ideas, styles, washes – all uniquely worn, weathered and personalized with Cult’s particular take.

Check out our seasonal playlist of denim and apparel. You will always find something rare and uncommon. Something that fits you and your personality like no other before it.

Visit our entire website for all that Cult has to offer, or find us at better department stores, specialty boutiques everywhere, and start creating your own Cult of One. The Cult of You.